Our Trains

Our Trains

Westfalendampf is a "poor" association. We don't own locomotives and passenger carriages.

Your advantage:
We can offer you trips with different locomtives. So we have been travelling with the following historical engines: 01.533; 01.1066; 03.1010; 18.201; 24.009; 38.2267; 41.096; 41.360; 50.3655; 52.8134; 52.80; 78.468; 99.5901; 99.5902; 212.007; V200.033; V200.116; 220.033; VT.98 and some more...

The steam-Railways and Museums get money from us when we are using their locomotives and passenger cars.

Now let us give you some informations about the locomotives we engage for our trips:

Steam Engines:

01.1066 (= 012 066-7)

This steam locomotive (Pacific, 4-6-2) was built in 1940 and until 1945 it worked as a streamlined steam locomotive and drew passenger trains. After that period the streamline has been removed. In 1954 the engine got a new and very efficient boiler and since 1957 the engine is oil fired and so it has now 2470 horsepowers. The highest speed is 87 mph. In the year 1968 the engine got the new computer-number 012 066-7.   Click to enlarge
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In May 1975 'our' 012 066-7 draw the last steam-hauled passenger train ('D-Zug') in West Germany for the "Deutsche Bundesbahn". In November 1975 the railway enthusiasts association "Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde" bought the engine.

Westfalendampf has often used this engine for spectecular trips to Oberwesel (Rhine), Cochem (Rhine), Amsterdam, Hamburg, Linz (Rhine), Norddeich-Mole, Emden, Goslar and Wernigerode (Harz). The trains were heavy and had often 13 passenger cars.


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  This steam locomotive is an engine for freight-trains and was built in 1942 in Berlin by the Borsig-locomotive-company. After 1945 the engine remained in the GDR. In 1961 50.3655 was reconstructed and got a new boiler.

The locomotive was under service until 1986 in Karl-Marx-Stadt. In 1992 the railway association "Eisenbahn-Tradition Lengerich" bought the engine and repaired it until 1993.

Usually in the winter time Westfalendampf makes trips with this locomotive.


In 1923 this steam engine was built in Kassel by the Henschel-locomotive company und stayed under service until 1969. The last depot was Hamburg.

78.468 got new paint and stayed in Hamburg for the History Museum of Hamburg. In 1999 the engine was sold and completely repaired in Meiningen. Since then it has made a lot of trips. At the moment the 78.468 also belongs to the railway museum "Eisenbahn-Tradition Lengerich". Westfalendampf uses the engine for regional trips.

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Diesel engines:


This diesel-hydraulic locomotive was 'the' typical diesel-engine of the West- German railway company "Deutsche Bundesbahn" and was a symbol for the progress. It was built in 1956 by the Krauss-Maffei locomotive company and has 2200 horsepowers.

The german V200-class is in close relationship with the British Rail Class 43. Both have got the same diesel-engines and voith transmissions.
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The home depots of locomotive V200.033 in West Germany were in Frankfurt, Villingen (= Black Forest), Oldenburg and Lübeck until 1984. Then the railway enthusiasts association "Hammer Eisenbahnfreunde" bought the locomotive. Westfalendampf had engaged the V200.033 for trips to Mühlhausen, Oberwesel, Wernigerode and Aachen. Sometimes the steam locomotive 01.1066 got support by V200.033.


General Informations

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  Our passenger cars of former express trains usually have compartments with 6 seats. These passenger cars have usually seats in the 1 and 2 class, but it is also possible that there are only seats in the 2 class.

Please notice, that smoking in the compartments is not allowed.

1st class

In the 1st class the compartments are greater so that you have more space for your legs. The seats are very comfortable. Some passenger cars have lamps for reading.
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2nd class

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  In the 2nd class the compartments are not so great as in the 1st class and it is not as comfortable as in the 1st class. But many of our passengers like these seats and atmosphere.

Service Car

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  In our service car a disc jockey mixes good music and you can dance. The atmosphere is always very good. We also offer drinks and snacks for which you have to pay moderate prices.

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Local Train Passenger Cars

General Informations

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  Our 'little' and 'slow' trains usually have old passenger cars with two axes and wooden seats. These passenger cars were built for trains driving only short distances. These cars are robustly constructed.

The members of Westfalendampf like the wooden seats in the 3rd class as you can see on the picture.
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